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About Me

Here is a resume of what I have learnt
and what I am capable to do


I keep my mind open and fresh to the new advances of technology and its implementation on projects whose goals are the promotion of culture and heritage.


I try to build every project with functional and easily understandable interfaces to create a final product that can reach every kind of public.


I fit in every kind of project cause I am a fully adaptable person, capable to put all my knowledge to work since the first moment. Test me!

My Skills

I am focusing on
History&Archaeology \ Web Development \ 3D Virtualization

Web Design

I love to create new and amazing sites on the Internet.

Social Media

I manage several blogs and its social profiles. I can keep an eye on yours too.


As a former historian I love reading and writing to feed my brain.


The 3D world is the best choice to show your work to the world.


Happy Followers


Projects Made


Emails Sent


Articles Written

Meet My Work

Here there are some projects I am working on right now

  • www.traslashuellasdeltiempo.com
  • www.orientalia.com.es
  • www.redyarqpi.orientalia.com.es
  • www.mobileadvisor.com.es
  • www.celofanshop.com

Latest Projects

Fresh work
still in development and hopefully giving me worries for a time

Tras las huellas del tiempo

Tras las huellas del tiempo

Designer And Community Manager

Project to geolocate archaeological sites that are offering volunteer programs and recruiting people to work in the field.



Designer And Community Manager

Blog to link the past and the present civilizations that have been using the Mediterranean Sea for their encounters

Mobile Advisor

Mobile Advisor

Designer And Coworker

Personal Shopper and assistance of technology.

Naveta des Tudons

La Naveta des Tudons


Photogrammetry work taken as recreation but advancing deeply.

My Portfolio

Some other but not less important

(+34) 661 734 012


28005 Madrid, SP

Get In Touch

Do not hesitate in contacting me at any time, to hire me,
to know more details about me or to place just a simple question

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